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14 Document a significant day in life

19 January, 2015 by Katie
How to document a significant day in life within your journal

Think of a significant day that changed your life. It's time to look back and document the details you remember. (And you'll be surprised by just how many little things you can recollect with this workshop!)

You see, we’re slowly going to forget more and more details as time goes by. It’s important to write down what you remember today. It’s also pretty fascinating to see how your current self reflects on those by-gone moments.

In this workshop video, I'm using:

Workshop notes:

I met my husband, Martin, just over 11 years ago. We were both very young, still navigating our way from childhood to adulthood. I was wearing the red wool coat I’d just received for Christmas and had to borrow my dad’s truck to meet Martin for the first time.

For years, I thought I’d remember that day perfectly. But now, I see how much I'm forgetting. I’m wondering – how did my dad get to work if I had his truck? Did I really receive my red coat that Christmas? Or was it the year before?

That January day was one of those experiences that changed my life forever.

how to keep a journal - techniques and tricks by gadanke

Think of a significant day in your life. A graduation, the birth of a child, moving into your current home, watching your parents selling your childhood home, getting a job, Christmas, bringing home a pet, receiving great news, learning sad news – now I want you to journal about it, and in this workshop video, I’m going to give you three in-depth resources to make your entry meaningful:

  1. techniques for deciding which story to tell
  2. tools to help you recall and document details, both facts and emotions
  3. tricks for incorporating your current perspective

In today's workshop, I’m using these materials:

free journal techniques and tutorials by gadanke

I cut my 4x6 inch photo to fit across two pages of the introspective She journal. (You can also turn the photo vertically and hole punch it without adhering it to another journal page.)

how to scrapbook journal about a significant day

I used the glue pen to adhere my photo and text. Then I added handwriting with a photo pen right onto the photo, giving me a nice title that really pops.

how to journal about meeting your partner and why you should do it

Then it was time to tell my story of that long ago day.

Try this:

Journal about a significant day in your life, noting specific details and your perspective today.

Then if you'd like, share and inspire us with what you’ve done!