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21 Document your morning routine

16 March, 2015 by Katie
Document your morning routine and rituals – Gadanke journal tutorial

Grab your journal and your cup of coffee. It's time to document the chaotic, imperfect details of your morning.

I never thought that journaling about my morning routine was anything interesting until I became a mom. Suddenly, my mornings weren't my own any more.

I bet you don't think, "Hey! I want to document the crazy of my morning!" But I want you to try it. Right now. This morning.

In this workshop video, I'm using:

Workshop notes:

My mornings were a bit different this past winter than they were in the summer. They were very different in elementary school and college. All those years, I didn't journal about my mornings because, at the time, I didn't think they were important.

Did it really matter what woke me up or what my pajamas looked like? Could it matter if I was rushed or having a leisurely breakfast?

Now, I know that the answer is a big ol' yes. These stories do matter. Documenting your morning every now and then captures elements of:

  • your life
  • your family
  • the state of your home
  • your routine
  • the time of year
  • even the world outside your window

Watch this workshop video. Let me help you document your morning routine.

This isn't documenting your ideal morning. This is writing about today. Right now. This morning.

You can document your story in several ways. This workshop's a good one for playing with different techniques, such as:

  • telling your story with photographs
  • writing your story in a bullet list
  • snapping photographs to illustrate your day
  • using the free pdf above
  • trying different mediums like a tag or library card to write on

Try this:

Document your morning as it plays out. Use one of the writing prompts to document your weekday morning. Use the other to document your weekend.

Share your morning process with us #mygadankejournal.