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19 Document your day in numbers

23 February, 2015 by Katie
Document your day in numbers – 1 of Gadanke's free journal techniques and tutorials

When you're pressed for time, what would happen if you thought about your day in terms of numbers instead of words?

You're probably like me. When you pick up your pen to journal, you think about words to describe your day. What if we flip that idea on its head today and quantify what's going on? I'll warn you. It's kind of addicting!

In this workshop video, I'm using:

Workshop notes:

Sometimes I'm in a rush. I don't have much time to get my stories written on paper, but I don't want to lose momentum and stop my journaling practice. So I started wondering:

"Is there a way I could quickly jot down what's happening right now?"

I could write a list. That's always faster. But I wanted faster and fun.

That's when I completely flipped my journal strategy on its head. Instead of describing my day in words, I began thinking of it in numbers. Before I knew it, I had a journal page that took me only a few minutes to write in my introspective She journal, and it completely covered the barebones of my day at home.

I love it!

If you're pressed for time and just want to write, watch this workshop video. Try this technique. But don't blame me if you have trouble stopping. Now I do, too!