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20 Journal about books you love

2 March, 2015 by Katie
How to journal about books you read

You read books. You journal. Let me show you how to combine those passions.

Sometimes, do you forget which books you've read or why you've loved them? (That's been me–big time!)

Reading is an intimate, leisurely activity, just like journaling. That's why I want to give you a free pdf for your journal and offer some great ideas for documenting a bit about books you love.

In this workshop video, I'm using:

Workshop notes:

I love books–reading them, collecting them, borrowing them, buying them. I'm constantly reading stories and sharing other books with my son.

But here's the thing: sometimes I forget what I've read. I've even bought amazing books, hurried home to read them, and then realized, "Wait a second. I read this before." Oops!

 Ever since college, I haven't really written about books, which means I probably don't truly think much about the experiences I get from them. Life is busy, after all! So I wanted to find a way to document what I was reading and the impact those books, ebooks, and even magazines where having on me.

Best decision ever. I started journaling about books I've loved and books I've not loved. It's kind of a sneaky way to document what's going on in my life, too.

You read? You want to journal? Okay, then you can relate. This workshop is going to be awesome!

journal prompts about books you love

Print off the above pdf. It's free. Then get that video above rolling. Quick–before you look at one of those writing prompts and get major writer's block. (I got it, too, so I'm sharing a slew of approaches to how you can use the prompts.)

how to journal about books you read

I keep all of my book entries in my She journal. Reading is such an intimate, introspective experience, so this introspective writing prompt journal is pretty much the ultimate place for these entries.

how to keep a book journal

In the entries I'm sharing in this workshop, I'm writing about the books my 15-month-old and I are enjoying together. 

Spoofs on Westerns. Repetition of words. Big bold colors. Giant sneezes. Amazing illustrations. And perhaps my favorite: heroes riding into the sunset ... on tortoises.

how to journal about memories with kids

Try This:

Watch the workshop video, print off the pdf, and begin journaling about books you love.