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27 Lazy girl's guide to journal keeping

4 May, 2015 by Katie
lazy girl's guide to keeping a journal

How about adding detailed, amazing stories to your journal ... without having to actually write anything? Yeah, we're doing it!

Today, I've got two powerful tricks for adding great content to your journal. They both involve emails. In fact, the email I'm using is from a 250 word essay contest for Mother's Day. I couldn't help it–I had to enter my mom!

I'll give you ideas for which emails to include and how to format them for your journal. Lazy? Of course not! (Okay, mayyybe.) However, life is busy, and sometimes the fabulous words are already there.

In this workshop video, I'm using:

Workshop Notes:

Here's the text I wrote about my mom (and all moms!) for the little local contest. Cross your fingers. ;)

The older I get, the more I'm humbled, amazed, and filled with the deepest and widest gratitude. My mom did so much. She still does. I am not far into this journey of motherhood. My son is closer to the womb than kindergarten. But I cannot help but creep into his room to watch him sleep. "How do you know if I'm sleeping or not?" I asked my mom when I spotted her tiptoeing into my room one night long ago.

"A mother always knows, Katie."

My mother knows fear, worry, and pain. (Some certainly because of me.) She also knows love that really is deeper and wider than anything else on earth. And you better believe she knows more than you think–she's absolutely got eyes in the back of her head and radar for children who should be sleeping! Her radar is still strong whenever her grandchildren come to visit or each time she steps into the classroom where she’s been teaching for 23 years. She’s the most grateful, unselfish person I have ever met. And her hugs are amazing. 

Thank you, Mom. Thank you so much!