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17 Paint in your journal

9 February, 2015 by Katie
How to paint with watercolors in your journal – 4 anyone-can-do-it techniques

Bring more color (and more fun!) to your journal with a little paint and four anybody-can-do-it painting tricks.

You'll really enjoy adding some watercolors to a few journal pages. It's a great approach to playing and embellishing. Starting a journal page with some watercolor doodles or lines is also great way to reflect on the writing prompts, your story, and the purpose of your journal.

I'm not an artist, so trust me: it's easier than you think!

In this workshop video, I'm using:

Workshop notes:

You'd think that as an expert storycatcher, I'd be able to just sit down with a writing prompt and pour out a stream of words in You Are Loved, the Gadanke baby journal, I started keeping for my little boy. You'd expect it to be easy to tell him what I wanted him to know or how I was feeling. However writing to that little boy? Gosh. Let's just say that I become so overcome with emotion that I understand the meaning of writer's block. 

I didn't want to struggle through keeping his baby book. I just needed a way to pause and reflect a bit before I started journaling.

how to watercolor in a journal

Low and behold, the perfect strategy was actually to just play more!

Grabbing my 15-year-old watercolor set was the perfect solution. 

When you journal, you're not looking for perfect; you're looking for fun. When you add watercolors, there should be even more fun.

In this workshop video (scroll up), I want to make it fun for you! I'm sharing tricks for getting the biggest bang out of the watercolors you've already got and how to paint. And of course, there are my four favorite techniques for adding color to your journal pages. Below are just some examples.

1. Paint watercolor lines on the edges of a journal page or insert. 

how to paint embellishments on a page (and 3 other watercoloring techniques)

2. Paint casual patterns or doodles on the top or sides of a page or insert.

3. Write a title or some text with watercolors.

How to paint words with watercolors (and 3 other watercoloring techniques)

Use watercolors to write a journal entry title (and 3 other watercoloring techniques)

4. Paint a straight line or multiple lines with the watercolors. You can even try it right over the title or writing prompt like a highlighter!

Use watercolors like a highlighter (and 3 other watercoloring techniques)

Remember: you're not looking for perfect when you journal. You're looking for fun! I think the ideas in today's workshop will give you just that.

Thanks for joining me!