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30 Smell the story of scents around you

25 May, 2015 by Katie
How to smell and journal the story of scents around you

When you think of journaling, you don't really think of the things you smell. But it's pretty interesting when you stop and experience the world based on what you observe through your nose.

Today's workshop is a fun one. We're journaling based on what we smell, and we're using a classic style of poetry to do it. I'm sure you've written an acrostic poem, though it's probably been years!

An acrostic poem is a type of poetry where you write a word vertically down your page. Then horizontally, the first letter of each line begins with one of your vertical letters. Elementary students write these all the time. But they're not the only ones. They're in the Bible and by some of our greatest writers in history.

I'll tell you all about it in this Gadanke Workshop, as we write an acrostic poem about what we're smelling.

In this workshop video, I'm using: