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31 Taste the flavor of story around you

1 June, 2015 by Katie
Taste the flavor of story around you - journal prompt idea

Let's dive into something tasty today. I usually write long, verbose stories in my journal. Not today. This entry is all about quick, short thoughts. And food. Yummy, yummy food.

Winnie the Pooh has some great wisdom to launch us into this Gadanke Workshop, as we document lunchtime in rapid pace. You're going to write in one, maybe two word, sentences. It's fast. It's fun. It's brief. It's powerful. This journaling exercise introduces you to a totally different way of documenting what might otherwise seem uninteresting or ordinary.

The previous two workshops also involved senses we don't typically think about when we're journaling. Today, it's all about taste (or depending on the chaos at lunch, the lack of tasting!). 

Let's dig in!

In this workshop video, I'm using: