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12 Why journaling isn't a waste of your precious time

5 January, 2015 by Katie
Why journaling isn't a waste of your precious time - free journaling video tutorials at gadanke

Don't make journaling feel like another to-do item on your list. In this workshop, let me show you how to approach it instead.

Play. Embrace imperfection. Make mistakes. Have fun with it!

In this Gadanke Workshop, I'm admitting to some of my previous tendencies to turn my journal into another project instead of a place I could turn to for creativity and personal growth. If you make just one resolution for what you want your journal to become, this workshop's got it.

In this workshop video, I'm using:

  • She, introspective personal journal
  • blue paper
  • Play Matters, free printable
  • hole puncher
  • my favorite German pen in evening gray
  • jumbo blue crayon
  • my son's hand, traced

Workshop notes:

In the past, I’ve always started a new journal with a list of projects, goals, or resolutions. I was ready to pour my heart into my journal (and my life!), and be just as fabulous as I could be. But–oops–I started discovering the fallacy of this plan. Journaling became less about celebrating stories and more of a to-do list item.

Who needs another to-do item?!

This time, I challenge you to stop looking at your journal as a work project that has to be flawless. Instead, I want you to just think of one word as you pick up your journal: PLAY.

I describe this seemingly simple, but actually really quite revolutionary concept in this workshop video. Let me give you a visual glimpse of the journal entry I created in the video.

These are all of my materials:

She journal, Play matters printable on blue paper, hole puncher, my favorite German pen, and a jumbo blue crayon.

I’m offering you a complimentary pdf that includes a quotation by Dr. Stuart Brown that really strikes me when I think about the importance of play in our lives. He says:

“The opposite of play is not work–the opposite of play is depression.”

Print and cut out the pdf so that you have two great writing prompts for your journal.

You really get the chance to hop into my mind in the video and see how my train of thought went as I opted to use this particular writing prompt from the She journal, which really struck me as I thought about play:

Here’s my final journal entry. I traced my one-year-old’s hand over my words, really just emphasizing how he looks at the significance of play in life at this life stage.

Try this:

Journal about a time when you tossed the list of projects or ignored the resolutions or goals and just played.

Then share and inspire us with what you’ve done!