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28 Why you should journal

11 May, 2015 by Katie
Why you should keep a journal (and how to do it well!)

The most incredible, fascinating people in history all kept journals–from Anne Frank to Benjamin Franklin. What's the deal? Would you benefit from documenting your stories and ideas, too?

In this workshop, I introduce you to the art of journal keeping. Yep–it's a heart-felt, intellectual, and very deep art form, not just something angsty teenage girls keep to doodle hearts and write about their crushes, like some people will tell you.

Journaling contains so much warmth and depth. It helps you become more aware, which leads to deeper joy and gratitude in your life. It isn't just documenting the things that are wrong in your life. It's exploring stories, thoughts, experiences, and even doubts.

It's time to really dig in and ask yourself: Should you keep a journal? Or if you do keep one already, why do you do it?

In this workshop video, I'm using:

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