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16 Write a love letter

2 February, 2015 by Katie
How to write a love letter

Write what you feel. Use this quick 6-step strategy to create the perfect love letter.

We all know that a love letter is a greater gift than a box of chocolates or a dozen roses. A note can last for ages and really dive into how you feel. But let's be honest. I also know: writing a love letter can feel really intimidating, if not impossible!

So let me help you break the ice with a quick step-by-step strategy, so you can create an incredible, heart-felt letter.

In this workshop video, I'm using:

Workshop notes:

I remember studying Romeo and Juliet when I was a freshman in high school. My good friend sitting right behind me was so excited to read the part of Juliet aloud. But me? I was actually beyond grateful that the teacher didn't assign me a part!

Like so many people, I couldn't truly grasp what the characters were saying, as they expressed their undying love in something that sounded like English.

The thing is, though, I always wanted my life to include a collection of love letters. So I knew I had to step beyond the overwhelm you find from any historic love letter or romantic dialogue, so that I could figure out something un-fancy and absolutely not over-the-top that worked for me. For the person I was writing to.

And those simple tricks are what this workshop video is all about!

How to write a love letter in 6 quick steps

With the simple formula I share in this workshop, I've navigated my way toward some pretty cool self expression.

I believe you will, too.

The Gadanke Love Letter is a great writing prompt tool to really help you along.

how to write someone a love letter

Here are some quick notes in summary of the video tips I share.

I recommend watching the video in full, then writing a practice letter yourself. Scroll through these images as you go, for a quick step-by-step refresher.

How to write a love letter in 6 easy steps anyone can do

1. Think of who you are writing to.

6 steps to writing a love letter

2. Describe something exterior, such as:

  • the person's physical appearance
  • an activity you're doing or he's doing
  • a memory of an event

3. Dig into the heart–the interior qualities you love about the person.

Write a love letter how-to in 6 steps

4. Tell the truth. Don't be shy!

5. Write like you talk to that person.

DIY love letter in 6 simple steps

6. Don't write all at once. Write in small parts over time.

Try this:

Ready to try a love letter of your own? I know you can! One of my husband's favorites is the Love Letter I wrote over a twelve month period. Then I gave it to him on our anniversary. I didn't focus on the end goal. I just thought about one entry at a time.

Try writing your own love letter.

Then share and inspire us with what you’ve done – a glimpse at the envelope, the journal cover, the place you're tucking the letter. I'd be thrilled to have a peek and cheer you on.