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Gadanke—the word

What does “GADANKE” mean?

The name Gadanke comes from the German word for thought, idea, or mind. I love that it has the German word "Danke" in it, which means "Thanks!" I think of that as a tribute to the folks who’ve made our stories so rich.

How is “GADANKE” pronounced?


Creating each journal

What types of materials do you use?

Where do you make each journal?

I have partnered with an American printing company that aligns beautifully with my green mission.

How do you create such inspiring prompts?

As a storycatcher, I collect moments of beauty and kindness in my back pocket. I grew up singing silly camp songs, hiking with my family, competing in speech and debate, traveling, and volunteering. I studied poetry and personal essays at Hollins University and The University of Montana while working on casino floors, for construction companies, and in the US Senate. I saw a lot of pain, but I also experienced great joy and gratitude. The most profound of all my experiences was when I studied German in Berlin's adult education program. My classmates were all immigrants from places like Russia, Vietnam, India, and Korea. Through knowing them and hearing their stories (we relied on a lot of arm gestures, dictionaries, and broken German), my understanding of hope and beauty changed forever. I also learned my biggest super power: storycatching. I lean in to listen. Turns out I have a knack for urging people to share and love their words, and I get a thrill each time someone picks up a pen to write and celebrate. I talk about a bit more about this journey here.

Placing an order

Will you ship outside of the United States?

Absolutely! Due to customs delays, expect a minimum delay of 2-4 weeks from the day we ship.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping rates are based on the quantity you order and where you live.

  • US orders over $30 ship free! Otherwise: $3.00 for one journal, $.40 for each additional book
  • Canada orders: $8.00 for one journal, $.40 for each additional book
  • International orders: $10.20 for one journal, $2.00 for each additional book

How long will it take to get my journals?

Our typical turnover is 2-4 business days to package your order. We ship with the United States Postal Service and send a confirmation email the day your package ships. From there, everything is in the hands of our mailmen.

It takes the US Postal Service 3-5 business days to ship in the US, 1-3 weeks to ship to Canada, and 2-4+ weeks to ship everywhere else.

Do you send me a receipt?

You receive an email order confirmation from us the moment your order is received. We never enclose a paper invoice in your package, saving paper and making journals easy to ship as gifts.

What if I gave you the wrong shipping address?

Please double check the order confirmation that we emailed you. It tells you how to quickly contact us if your address is incorrect. We cannot be held responsible for delivery to an incorrectly entered address!

Can I send a package to a friend and include a note?

Yes! Select "Ship Order as a Gift" during checkout, and include your friend’s address instead of your own. You can also add a personal message to be hand-written and sent with your order.

Do you offer wholesale orders for my shop or not-for-profit?

You betcha! Please use the contact form to request your digital catalogue and join our wholesaler mailing list.

Will you make me a custom journal?

I want you to customize your journal. Stamp it. Paint it. Rip it. Take off big bites. Or keep it absolutely pristine! Make it a reflection of you. Check out Gadanke Workshop for ideas.

Do you accept returns?

I want you to be happy and enjoy your Gadanke purchase. If you are not happy, please contact us within one week of receiving your order. We can work out a solution.

Let’s connect!

Where else can I find you?

Can I buy your journals in stores?

Tell local stores that you want to see my journals in their shops, and have them contact us!

I have a journal idea. Do you want to hear?

Sure! Send me your idea.

Could I share my journal on the Peek In Journals page?

Yes! Getting a note like this is my equivalent to a king-size candy bar in my trick-or-treat bag! The page is currently receiving an overhaul, so in the meantime, tag your photos online #mygadankejournal.

Can I mention Gadanke on my blog?

That would be so sweet. Sign up for our affiliate program, too!

Spread the word!

I love Gadanke! How can I spread the word?

Journaling is such an intimate thing that we don't always think to talk about.

  • Share your favorite journals on Pinterest or Facebook.
  • Post a photo on Instagram with #mygadankejournal.
  • Tell local shops who might love carrying Gadanke journals to get in touch with us.
  • Mention your favorite journal when you get together with friends. Or give them one!
  • Join our affiliate program!

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