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Gadanke affiliate program

At Gadanke, we believe that whenever a person pauses to write her story, she discovers profound joy and gratitude. Journaling gives us all strength from within. It enriches our lives, challenges us to dream bigger, and strengthens future generations.

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Here’s what happens when you do:

1. Folks will thank you for changing their lives.

The powerful writing prompts in these journals are actually changing lives! Parents are bonding with their kids. Women are finding direction, purpose, and goals. Kids are writing ... and improving their penmanship and creative thinking. People are moving away from pain. They’re celebrating joy and documenting milestones and stories. They’re making memories, they’re remembering, and they’re celebrating more.

Just watch the TEDxTalk I gave to experience the depth of what I mean.

2. You earn a commission and great journals.

For each sale you generate, you receive a 10 percent commission that’s paid out monthly.

3. You learn some incredible marketing techniques.

I offer my affiliates marketing tools and strategies, so they can strengthen their marketing, increase profits, and ultimately touch lives.

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