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Dream come true: Giving a TEDxTalk

ted talk!

STORY MATTERS: Empowering Our Community and Lives Through Shared Narrative

Two months before my son was born, I stepped onto the stage at TEDxMinot. Okay, maybe I waddled! As I first felt the bright lights of the stage, I experienced many intense emotions–fear, excitement, joy, anxiety, and a whole lot of vulnerability.

I also felt hope. Over the years, I’d treaded through a number of experiences of social isolation and unworthiness. I could be surrounded by a thousand people all doing their thing and still feel alone. The thing is: I knew I wasn’t alone in these feelings. Surely other people around me were also craving connection. So I began to research, and I found staggering statistics and studies that proved this. More importantly, I also heard stories, because that’s what I do. I lean in deeply, and I listen. It’s my superpower. The stories that unfolded before me were profound, hopeful, heartbreaking, hysterical, shocking, warming … and all very beautiful.

How could I crack open the barrier that keeps us from seeing ourselves as worthy human beings? Would it be possible to encourage story and shift the divide that separates us from connection and love? Could I dig so deep that seemingly ordinary moments of our lives could actually transform into something that felt downright extraordinary?

These were huge questions that hung on my heart, so naturally, an equally big opportunity like a TEDxTalk was the perfect place to pour my heart/spill my guts/give it my all. And that’s what I did.

When I stepped onto that stage, I brought with me hope and a message that I believe we all crave. May these ideas resonate with you, too.

Do these thoughts resonate with you? Tell me what rings true in your heart.


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