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Baby journal

Celebrate first moments. Chronicle milestones. Embrace future hopes.

Document the beautiful journey of baby’s first year – or few! – in our beloved baby journal. Writing prompts help you record ordinary days, favorite foods, and first words. Write when you feel inspired or write every day. The easy-open ring bindings let you tuck in photos and mementos, so you can always remember and cherish these first days.

4x5.5 inches (10x14 cm)

Color Selected: Pale Pistachio


How this handmade journal celebrates your story:

  • Tell stories. Finding out a baby would be joining your world, witnessing the first views at an ultrasound, introducing the baby to family, and celebrating baby’s first holiday season – they’re all here.
  • Record moments. Pause to chronicle the thoughts you experience while watching baby sleep, bundling up for a crisp autumn day, and trying solid food for the first time.
  • Document milestones. Fill out growth charts, lists of firsts, and notes on favorites. Use of-the-moment writing prompts for daily routines and moments that quickly change throughout the months.
  • Embellish your journal with the enclosed beautiful adornments.
  • Open the ring binding, tuck in the extras. Insert photos, hospital bands, interesting receipts, newspaper clippings, etc.

This journal easily adapts into a “life book” or baby book for an adopted child. Grandparents, aunts, godparents and friends will enjoy this baby brag book.


  • 76 pages with 148 writing prompts
  • 2 mini envelopes
  • 2 round stickers
  • 1 colorful paperclip
  • 1 old school library card
  • 1 travel tag
  • 2 patterned papers from Italy

Renewable energy and environmentally friendly dyes were used in producing many parts of this journal, which is made of 77% recycled content. Creative exploration shouldn’t be forced in a journal of numbered pages, so this journal’s easy-open ring binding allows you to add treasured bits from life.