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Joy to the World

Family Christmas journal kit

Bring the family together for moments of holiday reflection and creativity with this Christmas journaling kit. The engaging prompts encourage everyone to write and doodle stories about traditions, favorite moments, and festive details. Add interesting photographs, holiday cards, and memorabilia, and celebrate everyday seasonal moments. Master storycatcher Katie Clemons helps you assemble the perfect Christmas gift . . . your story!

5.5x8 inches (14x20 cm) or 4x5.5 inches (10x14 cm)

Color Selected: 5.5x8 inches


How this journal kit celebrates your story:

Katie's beloved holiday journal includes three parts:

  1. A colorful paper kit that arrives in the mail. 
  2. 16 printable journaling pages with 20 writing prompts on a PDF document.
  3. Doable, creative journaling project ideas.

8x5.5" paper kit includes:

  • 12 solid colored papers
  • 1 translucent star paper made in Germany
  • 1 green jute ribbon
  • 1 red jute ribbon 
  • 1 vintage Christmas invitation and envelope
  • 2 cherry red carnival tickets
  • 1 kraft sticker
  • 1 green library card
  • 2 candy cane stripped twist ties
  • 1 yellow star paperclip
  • 2 open-close binding rings

4x5.5" red paper kit includes:

  • 19 solid colored papers
  • 1 patterned paper made in Germany
  • 2 grid papers
  • 2 4x4" holiday papers
  • 1 green mini envelope
  • 1 pine green paperclip
  • 1 white spiral paperclip
  • 1 strand red pompom ribbon
  • 2 gold jinglebells
  • 1 holiday twist tie
  • 1 gold paper
  • 1 red rectangle sticker
  • 1 green rectangle sticker
  • 1 felt santa hat
  • 2 open-close binding rings

4x5.5" gold paper kit includes:

  • 10 solid colored papers
  • 1 patterned paper made in Italy
  • 1 vintage thank you card and envelope
  • 1 gold angel mini ornament
  • 1 spiral paperclip
  • 1 mini manilla envelope
  • 3 copper star stickers
  • 2 open-close binding rings


Can a person without kids use this journal?

Absolutely! Katie began keeping a Christmas journal several years before becoming a mom—it quickly became one of her favorite Christmas traditions.

What age do my kids need to be to start this journal?

No rules. Older kids will enjoy independently writing and embellishing pages. Younger kids will need more help. For example, Katie is keeping the journal with her two-year-old son. His jobs include picking out which paper they'll use, coloring on everything, and making sure there are holiday cookie breaks!

How do I receive the material?

You receive the paper kit in the mail. We ship within 4 business days of your order. Simultaneously, I'll email you access to the PDF journal pages. You don't need any fancy equipment to print the journal pages or take the courses.

Do you use US Letter or A4 paper for the PDF document?

I give you both! No matter what country you live in, it's easy to print with your standard paper.

Do I need a color printer?

No. The writing prompts are all black and white, so they are easy to print at home, work, or your local print shop.