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The Great Journey

Travel journal

Take this travel journal with you on your next adventure, and document what you see, taste, hear, and experience. The clever writing prompts encourage you to document what makes you laugh, grab your camera, or put your feet up for a bit. The easy-open ring binding is perfect for tucking in mementos, photos, and brochures.

For all ages.

4x5.5 inches (10x14 cm)

Color Selected: Summer Sun


How this journal celebrates your story:

  • Document facts. Includes a mini calendar, space to write, and room to paste travel stubs and receipts.
  • Briefly journal each day with daily documenting pages. Spend a few minutes jotting down the events that happen each day. When you have time for more journaling, you’ll already have this sequential record.
  • Map it. With classic star stickers and mini maps, flag your destinations, and show where you’’ve been.
  • Record details with writing prompts. Capture everything from the shops you peek in to the time you get lost to why you chose this adventure.
  • Make your book beautiful. Embellish your stories with the enclosed pocket, library card, tags, and patterned papers from Italy.

Renewable energy and environmentally friendly dyes were used in producing many parts of this journal, which is made of 77% recycled content. Creative exploration shouldn’t be forced in a journal of numbered pages, so this journal’s easy-open ring binding allows you to add treasured bits from life.

Contains 68 pages with 61 writing prompts.