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It's My Birthday

Kid's birthday time capsule journal and card keeper

Imagine this time capsule, where your child can document his birthday every year. It holds cherished photographs, birthday cards, and the intriguing keepsakes he collects throughout childhood. It contains annual stories about his special day and year-in-review, all in his handwriting. There are yearly letters from you and colorful doodles and embellishments by him. Document as many birthdays as you want!

Your colorful paper kit comes in the mail. Writing prompts are on a PDF document, so there’s no limit to the number of birthdays you document. Includes 30 minutes of private video courses with tutorials and inspiration.

8x5.5 inches (20x14 cm)

Color Selected: Red Star


How this journal kit celebrates your story:

Your child will build a time capsule, where each year he gets to:

  • Celebrate the special day–document details and traditions, big and small, with the series of introspective writing prompts, questions, and lists.
  • Think about the year to come.
  • Note current favorite foods, activities, and events.
  • Read a yearly letter from Mom or Dad.
  • Insert cherished photographs, birthday cards, invitations, and intriguing keepsakes.
  • Decorate the pages with enclosed embellishments and fun papers.
  • Add to the journal every birthday; see how he grows and changes.

Or if your child is still quite young, start the tradition for him.


1. A PDF document of 12 reusable journal pages with 73 writing prompts, for you and your child to print and assemble at home each year you add to the journal.

2. A series of private video courses to teach, inspire, and encourage you and your child in writing, embellishing, and adding bits from life into this journal.

3. An embellishment kit in the mail, which contains:

  • 3 tabbed sections
  • 1 vellum patterned paper from Germany
  • 1 patterned paper from USA
  • 2 rectangle stickers
  • 1 travel tag
  • 1 mini envelope
  • 1 library card pocket
  • 1 arrow sticker
  • 2 carnival tickets
  • 2 mini tags on string
  • 2 open-close binding rings that hold approximately 35 cards, postcards, and invitations

Renewable energy and environmentally friendly dyes were used in producing many parts of this journal kit.

Folks are saying:

"It's darling! My kids love birthdays so much, my eldest plans for hers practically all year. She looks at her journal so much!" – Ann, North Dakota USA

"I can’t wait to fill this journal with cards, pictures and even wrapping paper clippings for my son each year. It will be so fun to see all his little friends grow up from year to year, party to party, as they get taller and taller! I might even print extra copies of the letters pages, so I can keep a sentimental copy for myself when he is all grown up." – Cathryn, Maryland USA


What age does my child need to be to start this journal?

No rules. That's what I emphasize throughout the courses. Your child can start any time. She can skip birthdays or only document major milestone years. If you want to personally start documenting birthdays before your child is old enough, that's perfectly fine, too! (I want my son's journal to last until he's 18; he just turned one.)

Can an adult use this journal for her own birthdays?

Absolutely! Some writing prompt pages are directed more toward children, but then again, maybe we could all gain something from documenting our play.

How do I receive the material?

You receive the paper kit in the mail. We ship within 2-4 business days of your order. Simultaneously, I'll email you access to the PDF journal pages and video courses. You don't need any fancy equipment to print the journal pages or take the courses.

Do you use US Letter or A4 paper for the PDF document?

I give you both! No matter what country you live in, it's easy to print with your standard paper.

Do I need a color printer?

No. The writing prompts are all black and white, so they are easy to print at home, work, or your local print shop.