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Travel Journal

This journal is the perfect way to record the memorable moments of your Montana adventure. The witty, thought-provoking writing prompts help you:

  • Remember key places and events by writing, sketching, and collecting memorabilia and photographs.
  • Capture anecdotes by jotting down notes while on the go.
  • Dive deeper into your experience by including the sights, smells, tastes, sounds, and other Montana moments that spark your interest.

Let Montana native and storycatcher Katie Clemons help you assemble the perfect souvenir of your trip ... your story!

100 page paperback; 6x9 inches (15x23 cm)

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Folks are saying about Katie's travel journals:

"Documenting every part of your next memorable adventure has never been easier. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this journal can fit a whole lot more than that!" –Jackie, New Jersey USA

"I read over the writing prompts before I left, and they mulled around in my head while I was traveling. They helped me be more mindful of the experiences I had, drawing my attention to sounds, smells, and sensations that I might not have noticed otherwise. This made me appreciate them all the more; it truly enriched my adventure! It was small enough to carry with me everywhere I went, and I loved the flexibility of the design - I could add or remove pages as needed, and put in pictures, ticket stubs, dried leaves - anything!" – Elizabeth, Saskatchewan Canada

"LOVE these little journals. So original and sweet. I look forward to taking my next trip so that I can use this one." – Teresa, Texas USA

"Super cute journal! My girlfriend LOVES it and we can't wait for our road trip." – Will, Massachusetts USA

"This journal is AMAZING! I love it, such a wonderful idea. I love all the little quotes and pictures to inspire you with ideas and thoughts. Each page is a new adventure and I like that i can add to it myself to create a really unique journal. I will definitely be buying more." – Joanna, United Kingdom

"We have two trips planned in August, and I'm so excited to be able to record them in my new travel journal. I love it!" – Gayle, Spain

"I'm having a blast incorporating tidbits into the journal. Pretty much any piece of paper or memento is game. Thanks for a brilliant product!" – Susan, Massachusetts USA