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Mother son journals are here!

My Mom and Me

Mother daughter journal

Bond with your daughter on a new, deeper level. Confide in one another, grow together, and learn the stories deep in one another’s hearts and minds through a series of letters and activities in this writing prompt journal. Use the easy-open ring bindings to tuck in art projects and mementos.

For girls age 8 and up.

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8x5.5 inches (20x14 cm)

Color Selected: Summer Green


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How this journal celebrates your story:

  • Reflect on everyday joy, kindness, and gratitude.
  • Think about relationships with other people and how we treat one another.
  • Build self-esteem.
  • Address the hard, frustrating, and scary stuff.
  • Bond with Mom.

The majority of this journal is letters back and forth between your daughter and you. These pages begin “Dear Daughter” and include a prompting question for her to answer. Then it leaves plenty of space for you to write back. Other fun pages include fill-in-the-blanks, doodle spaces, and spots for adding photographs.


  • 72 pages with 81 writing prompts
  • 2 patterned papers from Italy
  • 1 patterned paper from USA
  • 1 old school library card and sleeve
  • 2 tickets
  • 1 paperclip
  • 2 large stickers
  • 3 star stickers

Renewable energy and environmentally friendly dyes were used in producing many parts of this journal, which is made of 77% recycled content. Creative exploration shouldn’t be forced in a journal of numbered pages, so this journal’s easy-open ring binding allows you to add treasured bits from life.

Folks are saying:

"I gave our daughter the My Mom and Me journal for her 8th birthday and she absolutely loves it! I love it too! I have been blessed by the questions and by my daughter's eagerness to share, write and come up with new things." – Samara, Tennessee USA

"I have been looking for a Mom and Me journal for my daughter and myself to keep track of everything and something for her and I to do together at night. Something special. I couldn't find journals that were cute enough until now." – Mandy, Ohio

"I have a teenage daughter. She didn’t ease me into being the mother of a teenager either. At first, we tried a mother/daughter journal on our own. We didn’t get far. It was boring and not really open. We needed help opening up some. This mother daughter journal by Katie gives us a chance to communicate without tension. We just let our words flow and enjoy opening up to one another. Gadanke is a great answer!" – Loreina, Texas USA

"Beautifully crafted journal that any young girl would love. You can tell that each one is made with love." – Charlene, Florida USA

Connect with your son using Between Mom and Me, Katie's mother son journal.