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Love, Mom and Me

Mother daughter journal, Autographed

For the mother and daughter who seek a thoughtful, creative way to connect with one another.

This journal is the perfect tool to strengthen your mother-daughter relationship. The engaging prompts invite you to exchange heart-to-heart thoughts, swap stories, share dreams, and explore common and unique interests and perspectives. Your daughter will build self-confidence and improve her penmanship as she writes letters, doodles, answers questions on timely topics, and decorates her journal with photographs that capture the special moments of her life.

Let master storycatcher Katie Clemons help your daughter discover the beauty of her story and, best of all . . . strengthen the bonds with you, her mom.

For ages 9 and up.

Paperback 100 pages. 6x9 inches (15x23 cm)

Color Selected: New Paperback


Moms are saying

"I gave our daughter the journal for her 8th birthday and she absolutely loves it! I love it too! I have been blessed by the questions and by my daughter's eagerness to share, write and come up with new things."

"I have been looking for a Mom and Me journal to keep track of everything and for us to do together at night. Something special. I couldn't find journals that were cute enough until now."

"I have a teenage daughter. She didn’t ease me into being the mother of a teenager either. We tried a mother-daughter journal on our own. We didn’t get far. It was boring. We needed help opening up. This mother daughter journal gives us a chance to communicate without tension. We just let our words flow and enjoy opening up to one another. Katie's journal is a great answer!"

"Beautifully crafted journal that any young girl would love. You can tell it's made with love."

"My 6 year old daughter loves it. And so do I!"

"My 10-y/o and I really enjoyed this. It was great fun to leave this under pillows to complete each night. Our little secret and a great way to share with each other."

"My 7 year old and I love it."

"This journal is perfect for journaling with your daughters age 7-12, in my opinion and maybe beyond. The topics are general but sweet, and my daughter and I enjoy passing it back and forth."

"My 9yo daughter and I loved this book. She would complete her sections the moment I handed it back to her, I always took a few days :/ It really is great and lets your kids know a little bit more about you and how alike you really are."

"I would give this journal 10 stars if I could!"

"Great tool for moms and daughters to get to know each other better. My daughter is 10 and she loves it."

"This journal definitely helped [my daughter] feel more connected to me/the family unit, as she is going through kind of a weird phase where I think she just feels awkward & she's leaving behind all her baby stuff and growing up *sniff!!*"

"What a fun and creative way to connect with my daughter. We're just beginning the journey and its off to a great start."

"Perfect for my girls to start and keep a conversation going—which is harder and harder to do as they go through the preteen and teenage years."

"What Katie has created here is a way to spark conversation and connection. It's also a great reinforcement for the writing/reading work [my elementary-age daughter] does in school—but in a fun way!"

"Imagine being a high school senior and having 12 years of the "Love, Mom and Me, Mother daughter Journal" to look back on. Oh the Memories! A Mother Daughter pair could buy this journal again and again and continue to find fresh ideas and joy each year in filling it with thoughts and feelings."

"My daughter was very excited to do this journal with me. It has given us a great reason to spend quality time together and stir up great conversations."

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