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Awaiting You

A 6-week pregnancy journaling class and kit

Cherish your pregnancy and prepare for baby's arrival with this powerful and uplifting 6-week journaling eCourse.

Receive meaningful lessons, introspective writing prompts, and transformative guidance via email four times per week. This heartfelt course helps you develop a consistent and rewarding journaling practice.

  • Write a series of love letters to your unborn baby.
  • Record your hopes, emotions, and growing love.
  • Note how you spend your days and any symptoms.
  • Share conversations with people eager to meet the baby.
  • Reflect on years to come.
  • Collect cherished photographs, cards, invitations, and keepsakes.

Lessons are packed with content: PDF journal pages of thought provoking writing prompts, true stories from Katie and others, peeks in journals (including Katie's pregnancy journal), inspiring motivation, photo challenges, documentation ideas, and suggested reading.

You can also opt to receive a beautiful paper kit in the mail.

4x5.5 inches (10x14 cm)

Color Selected: No paper kit; online course only



1. Six weeks of lessons that arrive in your email box four times each week.

2. (Optional) A 39-piece embellishment kit in the mail, which contains:

  • 21 mixed papers including 30% recycled, graph, and more from sustainable forests
  • 2 easy-open ring bindings
  • 1 cardstock cover and back
  • 1-2 patterned paper from Germany and Italy
  • 13-14 adornments such as vintage shower invitations, heart paperclips, mini envelopes, library cards, stickers, carnival tickets, tags, pearl brads, doilies, and crochet ribbons (see photo spreads that accompany each journal variant for kit specifics)

Renewable energy and environmentally friendly dyes were used in producing many parts of this journal kit.

Folks are saying:

"As each new symptom and feeling crops up through my pregnancy, I've thought, 'I need a way to write this down!' And when I ask my mom if she had felt the same way, she tells me she simply can't remember because it was nearly thirty years ago! This course is the perfect way for me to write down my thoughts and also feel that much closer to my baby. I can't wait to come back in five years and read my journal and laugh about how itchy I was or how I thought motherhood would be simpler than it is!" – Amie, Michigan USA

"WOW! With this course, I am journaling more than ever. I get so excited for each lesson. Writing about and to my baby regularly allows me to bond with her in a deeper level than simply just day dreaming and thinking. It's making me feel so much more excited to meet our baby. The best part is that I will be able to share this journal with my daughter as she grows and has children of her own—how special!" – Michelle, Wyoming USA

"Your journals have brought me so much enjoyment this year. I've gifted a few and have crammed so much into mine. I am glad I had such a non-intimidating way to document this whirlwind.” – Kelly, Massachusetts USA

“Thanks for making something that works with my scattershot approach to recording baby things. It is always fun looking back and remembering some of those funny stories that would otherwise be forgotten. I think I’ll have to put some time into it this afternoon when there is a moment of quiet.” – Trish, Manitoba Canada

“I’m looking forward to getting these pages filled with all those moments in the day that make me happy.” – Christina, Washington USA


How frequent are the lessons?

I find that a regular journaling practice provides the most fulfilling experience, so lessons arrive in your email inbox four times per week for six weeks. You'll have these lessons forever and can return to them for inspiration and ideas as often as you'd like.

Do I have to start this journal at a specific time during pregnancy?

Not at all. Begin during any stage of your pregnancy.

Can fathers and partners use this journal?

Absolutely! This course digs into the experience of any parent. Some lessons even encourage specific things from our partners and families. Only half a dozen writing prompt pages are directed specifically toward the pregnant mother's experiences alone.

How do I receive the material?

You receive the paper kit in the mail. We ship within 2-4 business days of receiving your order. Simultaneously, I'll email you the very first lesson so you can get started. Then the heart of the course begins shortly thereafter.

Can I take the course without the paper kit?

Yes. The class is designed to work with or without the paper kit.

Can I give this course as a gift?

You bet! During checkout, check the box that says "Ship order as a gift." Give me the mom-to-be's mailing address, email address, and a gift note message, and I'll send the kit directly to her. 

Or if you'd like to hand-deliver the kit yourself, leave me a note at checkout. I'll email the first lesson to you, where you'll see the quick instructions for giving her the content.

My baby is due in less than six weeks. Should I still take the course?

Some story is always better than none. If this course feels right even if you might not finish before baby's arrival, then your answer is "yes!"

I have a special bound journal or one of your blank journals that I'd like to use for this course. Can I do that?

Yes. I’ll give you ideas for incorporating the writing prompts and exercises into any journal.

Do you use US Letter or A4 paper for the PDF documents?

I give you both! No matter what country you live in, it's easy to print with your standard paper.

Do I need a color printer?

No. The writing prompts are all black and white, so they are easy to print at home, work, or your local print shop.

Baby journals available here. Pens, stickers, and adhesive here.