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Awaiting You

Pregnancy journal, Autographed

For the expecting mother yearning to celebrate the joy she’s discovering as her heart expands and belly grows.

This pregnancy journal by storycatcher Katie Clemons invites you to lower the volume of busy life and savor the heartbeats thumping inside you. Thoughtful prompts guide you to capture memorable moments and milestones, beautiful and complex feelings, and future dreams. You’ll feel your emerging mother-baby bond strengthen as you collect memorabilia and compose a series of love letters to your child.

Let Katie help you record the precious experience of your pregnancy . . . a love story that encapsulates the brief, special time of awaiting your baby.

Paperback 100 pages. 6x9 inches (15x23 cm)


Folks are saying:

"As each new symptom and feeling crops up through my pregnancy, I've thought, 'I need a way to write this down!' And when I ask my mom if she had felt the same way, she tells me she simply can't remember because it was nearly thirty years ago! This journal is the perfect way for me to write down my thoughts and also feel that much closer to my baby. I can't wait to come back in five years and read my journal and laugh about how itchy I was or how I thought motherhood would be simpler than it is!" - Amie, Michigan USA

"WOW! With this book, I am journaling more than ever. I get so excited for each prompt. Writing about and to my baby regularly allows me to bond with her in a deeper level than simply just day dreaming and thinking. It's making me feel so much more excited to meet our baby. The best part is that I will be able to share this journal with my daughter as she grows and has children of her own--how special!" - Michelle, Wyoming USA

"[Katie's] journals have brought me so much enjoyment this year. I've gifted a few and have crammed so much into mine. I am glad I had such a non-intimidating way to document this whirlwind." - Kelly, Massachusetts USA

"Thanks for making something that works with my scattershot approach to recording baby things. It is always fun looking back and remembering some of those funny stories that would otherwise be forgotten." - Trish, Manitoba Canada

"I'm looking forward to getting these pages filled with all those moments in the day that make me happy." - Christina, Washington USA