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Joy to the World

2018 Printable family Christmas journal

For the family craving peaceful holiday moments to reflect and celebrate together, or for the introspective individual wishing to write about the season.

Welcome to one of my favorite holiday traditions! The engaging prompts in this 2017 Christmas journal invite you to recollect memorable stories, honor traditions, and reflect on the season's events and festive details as you write, draw, and add interesting photographs and memorabilia. Keep this 18-page journal as a family, make one just for you, or have a family craft day so everyone can assemble their own.

I'll email you a PDF document with your journal, along with assembly instructions, creative projects, and videos to inspire the whole family. Let me, storycatcher Katie Clemons, help you assemble the perfect Christmas gift . . . your story!

5.5x8 inches (14x20 cm)



Do I need a color printer or special paper?

No. The writing prompts are all black and white on 8.5x11 inch paper, so they are easy to print at home, work, or your local print shop.

Should I print on white paper?

Use any color you want. The cover is on a separate PDF document, so it's easy to print on thicker card stock or other paper.

I got your previous Christmas journal PDF. Is this the same?

The fresh fonts and graphics in this journal bring it up to an all-new level. It's bigger, more beautiful, and much more thought-provoking.

Can a person without kids use this journal?

Absolutely! I began my Christmas journaling tradition shortly after I was married. Those journals are an incredible keepsake now, showing how much (and how little!) has changed about our holidays.

What age do my kids need to be to start this journal?

No rules. Older kids will enjoy independently writing and embellishing pages. Younger kids will need more help. For example, I'm keeping the journal with my three-year-old son. His jobs include coloring, picking out which paper we'll use, adding stickers, and making sure there are holiday cookie breaks!

How do I receive the material?

I'll personally email you everything you need, so if you have questions, it's easy for us to connect.

Do you use US Letter or A4 paper for the PDF document?

This year, everything is on US Letter. Email me if you'd like A4. If there's enough interest, I'll tweak everything to fit for you, too.